Video Production

While I was abroad in London, I took a video production class, where we examined different aspects of creating videos. Copperfield’s Star: This video was a trailer for a “movie” that I created from scratch. Commercial: This was a commercial for a product of our […]

Cooking up stories

This was a semester long project for Applied Digital Studies, I wanted to create a website where people could create their own profile and post their own recipes. Utilizing plugins like Beaver Builder, WPMUV Dev post types and views, and WP Symposium Pro. I wanted […]

College of Business Advertisement

In the Fall of 2014, in a Principles of Marketing class I worked with a group to create a video advertisement for the University of Mary Washington College of Business. We scripted, story board, and interviewed students currently at Mary Washington. Filmed and edited the […]

Pixel Playground

In London, I took a class called Pixel Playground. This class was an art class focused in Photoshop, taking a hand drawn approach to digital art. Comic Book Cover Revamp: This first project I worked with a group to create a modern take on comic […]

A Boat Ride With Myself

This project was a lot of fun! I was home over fall break and I decided to go ahead and take photos while I was on out boat one day. It was hilarious trying to get the right angles for the photos. I ended up having to redo the whole thing the next day. But… Continue reading A Boat Ride With Myself

Waves of Distraction

Representational: Distraction For this one I wanted to show the distraction I have when I try to sit down and read. No matter what I do, 5 or 10 minutes into the book, I will start listening to music, go on my phone, or someone will call me. I can never solidly read very often.… Continue reading Waves of Distraction


This project was so fun! I have to admit that I struggled a little bit as well because I couldn’t really come up with an idea, but with the help of friends input I was able to come up with my idea! I decided to take a present day photo of the Eiffel Tower and… Continue reading Appropriation

One Tool Madness

So the first project is completed! I had a ton of fun with this one. We were tasked with creating an image using just one tool in photoshop. So take a look at what I came up with! Transform: The transform tool allows to rotate, skew, scale, and distort the image in any way you… Continue reading One Tool Madness

Evolution of Beadie

Hiya! So this assignment can count towards the final project, it doesn’t have to but I just thought this would be a fun thing to do! i Did the A Changing Character mashup assignment. Although this was really tedious, I had a lot of fun going through […]

Stringer’s Demise Swede

Hiya! So the Swede a Scene (5 stars) was by far my favorite assignment this semester! I really enjoyed it! With the help of my group members, Amy, David, Demi, and Carmela, we recreated Season 3 episode 11 of the Wire. Now SPOILER ALERT, this is […]